What Are The Herbs Used In a Potli Massage?

Potli massage has been one of the most talked massage therapies around the world, but what interests the most is the unique set of herbs amalgamated for use, in the process.

Each Ayurvedic massage therapy has its own distinguished set of customised herbs that have complete relevance to the ailment of the person, undergoing the treatment.

Similar goes with the Potli Massage.

What herbs are used for Potli Massage?

Ashwagandha is the most used herb in Potli Massage. Being 100% time tested and quantified for wellness results, this magical herb is used for relaxing the tensed muscles and reducing the body stress levels.

For the de-toxication process of the skin and body, the mustard and neem are commonly used.

For the revitalisation and purification process of the body, combination of turmeric (haldi) and ginger (adrak) herbs are mostly used.

This massage also works well with improved blood circulation and eased muscle tension with the use of rosemary and rice herbs.

Onion and Aloe Vera are the top anti-inflammatory herbs.

Potli Herbs and its Benefits

  • Ashwagandha relieves the stress levels and boosts sleep.
  • Neem and Mustard heals and helps detoxify the skin and body.
  • Ginger and Turmeric purifies the mind and body.
  • Rosemary and Rice help in easing the tensed muscles and stimulate the blood circulation.
  • Mint and Lemon soothes headaches.
  • Lemon and Orange rejuvenates the body and mind.
  • Onion and Aloe Vera reduces the soreness, pain, swelling and all sorts of inflammation.
  • Lavender and Cardamom refreshes and calms down the body and nerves.

The effects of Potli massage are functional in the treatment of several common diseases to the fullest due to effective use of the specialised herbs. Getting a Spa in Chandigarh can give you ample opportunity to explore this therapy.

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