How Popular Massage Therapy Like Reflexology Does Takes Care Of Your Health Issues?

Body massage has been the most relaxing way to unwind your stress. Now when it comes to body massage there are various techniques but the one that over the last couple of years has caught the rage is none other than the thai massage. It is actually a combination of postures deciphered from Indian Ayurveda and yoga along with that acupressure is also amalgamated as well. Altogether this perfectly works on a body helping to replenish the body and get rid of a fatigue. Hence get some time to learn about the Thai Massage in Chandigarh and its benefits. Other than that you will also learn about reflexology massage.

What is reflexology massage?

Reflexology massage is popularly known as zone therapy which concentrates on treating the hands and feet with pressure by means of a special technique where hands, thumb or finger. It is noteworthy that the technique won’t use any kind of ointments, lotions or oil and therefore it is has been recommended in the category of treatment alternative to medicines.

Provides energy to the body:

There are times when you actually feel too low and body does respond too actively. In such a situation a reflexology massage is just a boon as it aligns the different organs and muscles by stimulating the metabolic factors of the body. And in the process helps the body to restore energy as well.

Detoxifies body:

When you talk about detoxification you have to know that body holds foreign elements and toxins which basically affect the urinary tract problems and the bladder. But the moment you resort to the best massage therapy you are fundamentally shielding your urinary system which is the key cause for getting different types of health ailments.

Thus, these are the few important points that you can follow as benefits that you can get from the Reflexology Massage.

Super-Eminent Thai Massage in Chandigarh

The western countries are popular for their Spa services especially Thai Massage that stands out to be firmer, structured and involve a complete therapy. Nevertheless, we have gotten the western services in India as well. Vedasspa in Chandigarh is an incredible spa center that blends the extracted oils from herbs and plants in your body and replenishes your mind and soul.

There are numerous centers that provide lame massages, just rubbing the body without knowing the exact points to be stressed on. Such therapies are not worth as it is a mere time pass in the name of spa. Our professional therapists and reflexologists are well trained in the spa arena and versed with the knowhow of performing a perfect massage. Which points are inter-related and represent what part of the body; the pressure has to be low, moderate or high as per the client’s stamina to handle it; which points have to be pressed hard and which has to be dealt sensitively; how the massage has to be structured staring from start till end and how to end up leaving a relaxed feeling; we know it all!

Spacious rooms with dim lights on and centralized air conditioning cooling the surroundings, relaxed recliner chairs for foot massage and soft beds for other massage combinations; an overall eminent ambience camouflaged with modern interiors. The services are super-eminent and worth trying especially when the center is within your vicinity. Situated in middle of the town, Vedasspa center is easily reachable to all.

Men, women, aged; everyone can benefit from the distinctive packages we have in store for you. The massages in Chandigarh are not gender and age restraint, they are specially designed for those who want to sense peace internally and activeness externally. Our spa packages are for different hours and tailor-made to the client’s requirements in the best of their benefit. We provide better services in just shoestring prices. So it doesn’t cost a big deal for working professionals. You don’t have to give it a second thought as we have priced our Massages in Chandigarh in a way that they can be easily afforded by all.

Our concern revolves around swaying away the worries and woes from you that has been the trend in today’s era. Every business, industry, corporate sector, personal life, professional life; are equipped with stress and its accelerating with time. We just want to add a tinge of excitement and spice up your life with our extraordinary spa services.

What keeps you waiting? We are right here within your reach! Just a phone call and you shall book your weekend us. Experience the style of massages including Thai Massage by our spa experts and relish each touch that will transform your stress into contentment. Give us a call now!

Less Known History And Benefits Of Thai Massage

Thai Massage has been considered as one of the most effective massage therapies since earlier times. In fact, people say that it has the ability to reduce pain similar to a medication of Ibuprofen. Thai Massage is a combination massage of dry therapy and several other compressing and stretching movements just like Yoga. It has the ability to benefit almost every body organ.

Coming down to the pages of history belonging to Thai Massage, it is an ancient therapy practiced in Thailand since thousands of years. It is however, believed to over 2500 years old as introduced by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha (Shivago Kompara), who was a friend of the Buddha with tremendous knowledge about medicines. Shivago is believed to be the most popular Thai healer and the inventor of the Thai traditional medicine. This is why he is known to be the “Father Doctor”. This is why therapists are seen thanking this Father Doctor, before and after every massage.

There are several experts and researchers who have been reporting that Thai medicine is believed to be coming from the “Rural” and “Royal Traditions. The rural traditions refer to the non-scholarly and informal methods of the education. These have been passed down to the next generations via certain secret codes either transmitted orally or in written forms from the teacher to their pupils. While on the other side, the Royal tradition of Thai medicine is said to be created at the royal court and been influenced from India, China, the Muslim cultures, as well. It is also said to receive its grounded influence from the Ayurvedic traditions of India, as well.

Even though the evolution of techniques and the practices being followed in Thai Massage is said to be followed in Thailand, the actual origin of the Thai Massage is actually traced from India. The parts of yoga philosophy being followed in the therapy are against rooted from Ancient India.

Thai Massage- Principles

  • Thai Massage is said to be the most different massage therapy as compared to the others that involves tissue manipulation.
  • It is more of a dry massage therapy and doesn’t involve the use of any kind of oil or lotion.
  • It is mainly performed by using motions of deep compressing, rhythmic pressing, and aeries of stretching actions.
  • Each of the pressure, motion, tension, and vibration is used to improve the blood circulation of that particular area.

Health Benefits of Thai Massage

There is a number of health benefits associated with Thai Massage:-

It relaxes and eases the muscles and relieves the correlated pain

It helps in increasing the muscles flexibility

Supports higher blood and lymph circulation

Performs the relief treatment for musculoskeletal pain involvements

Improves the body’s immunity

Promotes the mental relaxation

Reduces fatigue and other insomniac problems

With the grounded roots of Thai massage from India, the benefits of it are expansive. The other massage therapies that equally work with the similar health benefits are aromatherapy, deep tissue massage, Reflexology Massage, etc.