Choosing The Best Spa in Chandigarh

A spa is a service centre where you can get spa treatments, which commonly include messages, body polish, facials and variety of other body treatments. Spas are helpful in bringing you better health and well-being. Chandigarh based Vedasspa has come with a mission to offer their best at affordable prices offering massage in Chandigarh. We will make you comfortable with your daily life. This is because when you’re working on a project, focus is more important than anything else. We have a dedicated team of experts who will make sure you go home with quality health service. We offer a variety of services including Balinese massage, thigh fusion, spot massage, deep tissue massage, polti massage, body polish, body scrub, and many more. We also offer exclusive bikini wax in Chandigarh.

Why we? Vedasspa is among the lead spas in Chandigarh. We bring you the much-desired relief, where you exhausted, tired, or irritated thus soothing your mind. When you’re under such challenging conditions, you won’t feel well at all. You badly need solitude. This will relax you a little. But when it comes to killing the stress, your body has to undergo some moderate changes, so that you could get a comprehensive relief from the condition. We are offering the best to bring you the relief. You could visit us for a Massage in Chandigarh. We are customer focused and have a dedicated team of professionals who are specially trained in the chosen field of their proven specialization. Our services would bring you the best and you’d go home and have very sound sleep and smooth life ahead.

We will also help you bring the right balance between work-relaxation. We also recommend some hints that you should follow resulting in getting the best results as for the taking care of your health so that you continue to work productively all day long. If you’re looking for the top quality Bikini wax service, Vedasspa is here. Also, our bikini wax in Chandigarh is the best – safe, and secure. We have a dedicated team of professionals trained abroad and working at our centre for many years.

Vedasspa spa is located in an easily accessible location in the city of Chandigarh. You need to give some time to yourself. That is, you need to take a break from your everyday work and get some relaxation. You consider so to get it on the weekend. We’d offer you the services that are best for you. Our massage in Chandigarh services is unmatched those offered by other firms. We, Vedasspa make sure that customer is satisfied. There is nothing more for us than customer satisfaction. Furthermore, customer satisfaction sidetracks every other objective, thus giving it the topmost priority.

You have multiple reasons why you should buy our services. Once you come to our spa, we’d reenergize your body – you would feel refreshed and would go with reinforced confidence in the workplace again. It’s not just this, now you’d happy to spend with your family well. If you’re looking for any of the services including Bikini Wax in Chandigarh, you may drop in or book an appointment with us. Visit us at Vedasspa.

Potli Massage- A Little To Know About Its Ingredients

Potli massage is a magical reframed touch of the goodness contained in a potli that acts miraculously on any of the pain and stress areas. The polti massage has proved to be an amazing therapy to nourish and rejuvenate your body and the body tissues. Under this, small potlis containing herbs in it is heated and gently applied on the affected areas for a warmth and healing effect on the affected area.

The ingredients of the Potli massage are considered pretty vital for the treatment procedure of the affected areas and the entire body. There are number of herbs that are blended, heated and used for the right treatment of such body parts.

It is an effective therapy for the treatment of body aches, strains, sprains, swelling, lower back and joint pain. The therapy has also been a curator and helped in opening the lymphatic nodes.

Ingredients of Potli Massage

There are a number of herbal ingredients that are used for Potli Massage, including- Rose Flower, Sandalwood, Tesu Flower, Rock Salt, Ajwain (carom seeds), and Black Salt combined with many other rare herbs.

Rose flower:  Is used as an antiseptic, astringent, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient for reducing the swelling of the blood capillaries for treatment of ailments such as- dermatitis, scaly skin and eczema.

Tesu flower: Is an astringent, anti-cancer, purgative, aphrodisiacal and laxative ingredient.

Sandalwood: Is used as a great moisturizer and hydrating agent with number of medicinal benefits.

Ajwain (carom seeds): Works as an anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory herb for the treatment of rheumatic and arthritic pain.

Rock salt: Stimulates the digestive juices secretion for improved digestion and helps in weight loss, opens the skin pores for improved circulation and skin hydration.

Black salt: Works effectively on curing a number of health issues such as- indigestion, constipation, heartburn, hysteria, goitre and poor eyesight.

Specialist Potli Herbs Used as the Ingredients

  • Ashwagandha Roots helps in stress relief and boosts the sleep level.
  • Neem and Mustard helps in healing and detoxifying the skin and body.
  • Ginger and Turmeric helps in purifying the mind and the body.
  • Rosemary and Rice ease out the tensed and strained muscles and stimulate the overall blood circulation.
  • Mint and Lemon helps in soothing headaches.
  • Lemon and Orange rejuvenates the entire body and the mind.
  • Onion and Aloe Vera reduces the soreness, pain, swelling and inflammation.
  • Lavender and Cardamom adds the perfect refreshment and calmness to the body and the nerves.

Potli massage holds a number of incredible ingredients that has the ability to complete the treatment cycle of the entire body, however, the choice of contents of the potli completely depend on the ailment one s suffering from. If you are in Chandigarh, you can definitely give it a try. Apart from the different types of massage available in the esteemed spa and massage centres in Chandigarh, you can also opt for an amazing experience of Bikini Wax In Chandigarh.

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