Potli Massage- A New Herbal Massage Therapy Gaining High Popularity

Massage therapies have been gaining higher popularity with the kind of ease and comfort it offers. There are a number of massage therapies that have reached the highest popularity tolls but, Potli massage has been the most asked for!

It’s not just the therapy that has called for higher number of growing fans but, also the beneficial side of the therapy that puts it to the advantageous side.

Let’s have a look at what if exactly refers to and how has it helped!

What is Potli Massage?

Practised since a very long time in the region of South East Asia and especially Thailand, Potli Massage has been one of most famous therapies for healing since the 14th century.

Under this therapy, a small potli, Poultice or kizhi containing the necessary herbs are applied to the particular spots with slight rub.

It mainly works on the verge of spot massage as the heated potlis are applied to the particular spots each time after a slight heat is applied on it.

Potli massage is said to be one of the most herbal and natural ways to heal all sorts of muscles and pain ailments.

How does it work?

Potli massage works with the therapeutic treatment it receives from the blend of herbs combined to form a potli.

The heat treatment applied on these herbs work amazingly when applied on specific points that are similar to Spot Massage.

The therapist gently rubs and makes a circular movement along the affected area for an amazing therapy.

This is how it works.

It is mainly due to the herbal and natural treatment applied during a Potli massage that has made it a quite popular massage therapy across the world.

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