Spot Massage- A New Way To Relieve The Deepest Concentrated Problems Using Deep Tissue Massage

All of us have been hearing about what is referred as the massage therapy. Well! There are a numerous types of massage therapies associated to particular problem or concern and its corrective actions. Each type of massage sublimes a particular problem area or concern, thus, prior to choosing your massage session, you must be aware of the right one that favours your need.

Amongst the multiple massage types is deep tissue massage that reflects massage therapies being applied to the deepest portions of the body tissues and muscles. It is basically a combination of massage and gentle strokes that does the job.

Massage has been a considerate for stress relief. It not just act as a stress-relieving form but also comforts the various body portions without letting your hard-earned money go in vain. The best massage therapies correspond to simple yet pretty effective things that work best on your stress areas and relax them too leaving a comfortable body for your ease.

Deep tissue massage and its corelation with SPOT MASSAGE

Deep tissue on one side focuses on the painful and stiff “trouble spots” throughout the body. It is performed by a therapist using slow driven, deliberate strokes focusing on the layers of muscles, the tendons, or any other tissues located deep under the skin, through carefully applied pressure.  Even though, it is less rhythmic in nature as compared to the other massage types, deep tissue massage is pretty therapeutic in nature and handles ailments such as- healing chronic prototype of tension and help with the muscle injuries, like- back sprain. It is best for individuals who are suffering from any of the chronically driven tightened or painful muscles, recurring strain patterns, postural ailments, or even for recovery from an injury.

Spot massage is an incorporated deep tissue massage along with Swedish, Esselen, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Shiatsu and many of the acupressure techniques involved in it. It mainly is a concentrated regional massage used for soft tissue strains or any other such injuries for a period of around 90 minutes. It targets through massaging motions effectively for soothing and stimulating at a specific body part for releasing the unwanted tension at the place when any pressure is applied on it.

Benefits of Spot Massage

  • Favours most of the people as it is medium in nature as per its intensity level.
  • It helps in soothing the tightened and tensed muscles by concentrating onto a targeted region.
  • Relieves the unwanted muscle tension due to pressure application.

Who is best suitable for Spot Massage?

It favours most of the people in need of massage for relaxation. Apart from that, in case one feels to get the tension of a specific area relieved and relaxed, it can be well used. Also, this is suitable for curing tight muscle of the body and gives a better relaxation experience.

Aromatherapy- A Complete Guide

Aromatherapy is one of the most famous healing form that makes use of various essential oils extracted from the plant. During the session one doesn’t just inhales the “aroma” of the essential oils but also can enjoy the oil’s massage into the skin as well. Adding the essential oils or those highly concentrated oils extracted from the plant to the massage oil or the lotion being used, this therapy is performed.

It has been in use ever since thousands of years back. Even though the therapy was unexplored until the 11th century till the exploration of steam distillation helped in 100% extraction of the essential oils from plants.


Currently the essential oils are being used in aromatherapy for benefiting the body in various forms healing the mind and other body systems including the limbic system, the nervous system and skin too.

Why Do People Get Aromatherapy Massage?

Aromatherapy massage somewhat similar to the Swedish massage but the only thing that makes is different is the addition of the essential oils in the therapy session.

Mentioned below are the reasons to undergo an aromatherapy

  • It cures issues related to muscle- and joint based problem conditions
  • Works effectively on relieving the physical and mental stress
  • Relieves headache, insomnia and triggers sleep
  • Cures any sort of digestive disorders
  • Heals the premenstrual syndromes (PMS) and back pain

Significance of each oil used in Aromatherapy

Each essential oil taken in use during the aromatherapy massage has its own healing characteristics, as mentioned below-

  • Calming Characteristics – chamomile, lavender, geranium
  • Uplifting Characteristics – ylang-ylang, clary sage, rose, neroli
  • Energizing Characteristics – rosemary
  • Decongesting Characteristics – eucalyptus, pine, tea tree

The massage therapist picks the right oils based on the problem symptoms for better relief.

Benefits of Aromatherapy

It is due to the associated benefits with aromatherapy sessions that this therapy has become highly popular.

Following are the associated benefits with the therapy-

  1. It relieves unnecessary stress

Aromatherapy is amongst the most popular and widespread therapy that has popularised as the biggest stress reliever. The aromatic compounds associated with the different essential oils work as relaxants, soothing the mind, eliminating the anxiety levels.

2. Works as  an Antidepressant

In association with stress relief, it also eliminates the feelings of depression and thus works as an effective antidepressant.

3. Stimulates Memory

Memory loss is one of the biggest fear and leads to  a common widespread disease of Alzheimer that affects process of memory loss among the older folks. This leads to a inability of forming short-term memories. Aromatherapy has been considered as an effective way for slowing down the progression process of this condition.

4. Amplifies the Energy Levels

Amplifying the energy levels, it works similar to the other harmful stimulants such as- coffee, cigarettes, energy pills, or any other illegal substance.

5. Prompts the Healing Process

The essential oils used in the process works as a stimulant prompting the healing rate of the body.

6. Lowers Headaches

The essential oils are a great reliever in case of headaches.

7. Triggers Sleep

The therapy is a great stimulator of sleep and helps in getting rid of the sleep disorders.

8. Reinforces the Immune System

Aromatherapy gives an awesome boost to the body immune system.

9. Relieves Pain

Avoiding the side effects associated with analgesics, the therapy is a real boon for pain relief.

10. Enhances Digestion

Dealing with the digestive, aromatherapy works perfectly on conditions of constipation, indigestion, bloating, and improves metabolism.

Reflexology Massage: The Myth and The Truth

Reflexology massage is generally a misunderstood massage and spa treatment. Mostly people tend to consider it as a foot massage, mostly due to the similar thoughts and practice by certain spa therapists. It has been found to be thought of to belong from the ancient Chinese treatment subset; however, it comes from treatment modality subset whose actual origin is in America during the 20th century.

So, if you are still on question as to what is reflexology?

Here’s the appropriate answer!

  • Reflexology is basically a spa treatment during which the therapist tends to work on the reflex points of the feet, the hands, and the ears. These are correlated to have reflex actions on certain related specific body organs and glands of the body.
  • During reflexology, these points get stimulated using the finger pressure and thus promotes the health of these organs and glands supporting the body’s energy trails.
  • When performed by a professional practitioner, it helps in deep relaxation treatment for the body and mind and benefits the entire body.
  • The therapist who work on such session use a varied range of techniques such as- hold-on, finger pressure, rotation, kneading and rubbing. It not just a foot reflexology but involves reflexology for the entire body.

What it’s thought and what it exactly concerns to?

  • The main aim behind reflexology massage is that the effect of Reflexology must be felt all through the body. For this the therapists make use of both hands and feet reflexology treatments as part of the entire reflexology treatment.
  • With this the effect of the correlative massage is felt throughout the body. If you appear fall under a less skilled or improperly trained therapist, he would land up giving you a long duration foot massage.
  • There are multiple evidences that people has been practicing certain form of hand and foot massage therapies long ago around 4,000 years ago in China and Egypt.  The modern rediscovery of these types of systematized foot therapy is under the name of Dr William Fitzgerald, who named it “Zone Therapy.”  This came in public through his article in 1915, named “To Stop That Toothache, Squeeze Your Toe,” and was published in Everybody’s Magazine.
  • This work was further researched and extended by Eunice Ingham, who became popular as the “pioneer of modern reflexology.”  She correspondingly mapped the feet to the other corresponding organs and the respective glands of the body.  Devising a system of techniques, she enabled the foundation of a patterned massage that could contact with the organ’s reflexes in pretty effective and cost friendly way.
  • This laid the foundation of “Original Ingham Method” and was further refined into the legacy of giving the foundation of modern reflexology.

The Way To Complete Relaxation and Rejuvenation Is The World Of Massage Therapies

Relaxation and the sense of ease is the utmost need of every human being. A human being feels anxious and comfort deprived in absence of a perfect relaxing environment. Thus, it becomes highly important to have the perfect feel of ease and comfort all around.

Massage has been one such admirable way to help the body and mind reach the utmost relaxation and trail into a world of exotic comfort and ease. Another significant reason favouring the world of massage therapies is that it also lets your body communicate with the inner senses and relive the feeling of comfy living.


The elements of the world of massage therapies

There are several contributing elements of the world of massage therapies, namely-

  • Swedish Massage Therapy
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Thai Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Hand Reflexology
  • Thigh Massage
  • Spot Massage

Each of these massage therapies are special in their own existence and favour a particular set of body welfares. Some are a general relaxation therapy, whereas the others tend to help with specific issues or region oriented problem factors.

Some of the massage therapies also involve the use of certain massage movements, yoga moves, aroma oils and even music for providing the best reflective soothing feeling during the session.

Benefits of Being in the World of Massage Therapies

Each massage therapy has a particular benefit attached to it. On one side, aromatherapy helps in mind relaxation, then on the other side foot reflexology helps provide an equal reflex relaxation on the different body organs, deep tissue massage helps in rejuvenating the deepest senses of the body and sports massage helps in getting relief from the injuries during sports activity.

  • The other relative benefits of being in the world of massage therapies are as listed below-
  • Massage helps in the complete relaxation of the body and mind.
  • It helps in higher blood flow throughout the body, in turn helps with higher oxygen flow.
  • It also helps amplify the lymph circulation in the body for an effective rejuvenation of the body organs.
  • Gives a relieving feel due to excessive exercise, injury or even strain
  • Specific massage therapies assist in fighting away the knots or strains of the muscles due to extra tension or strain in the muscles
  • Massage sessions like foot reflexology provide an awesome reflexive action on the relative body part and removes the ailments concerning them
  • Massage touches the various pressure points and rightly gives them the soothe they require for an effective functioning of such parts

Massage therapies such as sports massage and thigh massage is beneficial for the athletes whose thigh and calf muscles gets strained due to extra running and physical work.

6 Important Benefits Of Aromatherapy

The health benefits as associated with aromatherapy are immense. It is due to the herbal and scientific involvement of the essential oils in the process of Aromatherapy Massage that has made the benefits of the therapy enormous. Some of major benefits of the therapy includes- reducing anxiety, easing depression, boosting the energy levels, accelerated healing process, curing headaches, boosting the cognitive performance, inducing sleep, strengthening the immunity system, reduced pain, improved digestion and many more.

6 important benefits of Aromatherapy

Relieves Stress and works as an anti-depressant

The most important benefit of aromatherapy is for relieving stress. The aromatic compounds from different essential oils known as relaxants helps soothe the mind and eliminate the anxiety levels and acts as an anti-depressant. Lemon, chamomile, jasmine, lavender, peppermint, bergamot, ylang-ylang and vetiver are some of the essential oils that help in sustaining this process.

Boosts Memory and energy levels

Memory loss is one of the biggest problems these days. Alzheimer’s is one of those frightening diseases that are considered to be an incurable disease. Aromatherapy has been considered as one of those alternative or supplementary treatments for memory loss diseases such as- dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Several studies have proved the efficacy of aromatherapy among patients for boosting the memory’s capacity and higher energy levels. The best essential oils for boosting the memory and amplifying the energy levels includes- black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, angelica, clove, tea tree, jasmine, sage and rosemary.

Accelerates the Healing process

The essential oils contain stimulants that work as healers and they accelerate the healing process of the body. This helps in healing the wounds as it is due to Aromatherapy massage that the flow of oxygen and blood in the body increases leading to a high paced internal healing during any of the surgeries or illness. Also, the anti-microbial properties contained in the essential oils protect the body during the delicate body healing stages. Certain befitting essential oils are- lavender, rosehip, calendula, etc.

Strengthens the Immune System

Many of the medical professionals have been supporting the use of aromatherapy for boosting the immune system. This is why due to the anti-microbial effects of the essential oils, they protect the body from all kinds of anti-fungal and antibacterial problems, illnesses and infections causing damage to the body system.

Regulates the sleep mechanism

Essential oils including- lavender, jasmine, benzoin, chamomile, rose, neroli, sandalwood, ylang-ylang and sweet marjoram helps in regulating the sleep mechanism. Thus, aromatherapy is said to be beneficial to all those who have a problem with their sleep process. They work as sedatives and helps in improved sleeping habits and healthy sleep durations.

Relieves all types of pain

The aroma oils contain analgesics that helps relieve all sorts of pains of the body, including headaches. The major essential oils used for such purposes are- lavender, clary sage, chamomile, eucalyptus, juniper, peppermint and rosemary.

What To Expect From A Centre Of Massage in Chandigarh?

Staying in Chandigarh and planning for a massage session, here?


Planning to take a trip to Chandigarh and have some relaxing and rejuvenating massage moments here?

If yes! This is definitely a good idea to go!

Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab and Haryana doesn’t just excel as one of the most planned cities across the globe, but it has some other major specialities too. Right from the lovely people surrounding the city, the cleanliness and greenery, this place is also famous for its hospitality services, as well.

One of the hospitable services of the city is spa in Chandigarh and some of the most recognised and professional centres for massage in Chandigarh. There isn’t any suspicion on the fact that the city has world class relevance with these services. Right from the professional staff to high quality service in terms of both spa and massage, there’s definitely a lot to expect from this place.

What to keep in mind before selection of the right centre for massage in Chandigarh?

In case, you are looking for a centre for massage in Chandigarh, following things can help-

  • Try looking for a place that has a renowned background.
  • Years of experience of the service provider are another point to be kept in mind.
  • Look for the therapies they are offering and the professional backgrounds of the professionals as work.
  • Checkout and compare the tariff rates charged by them for a better understanding.
  • Don’t forget to read online and checkout the recommendations offline too.

What to keep in mind before selection of the right spa in Chandigarh?

Spa centres are not much different in Chandigarh, still one should check for a few things, such as-

  • Price comparisons are the foremost requirement.
  • Studying the recommendations and testimonials are the next best possible way to identify the right spa.
  • Check for the staff and the facilities provided by the spa centres for the kind of spa you need.
  • Don’t forget to find if the spa has rich facilities of both spa and massage or not.

What to expect at a rightly chosen spa or massage centre in Chandigarh?

Well! Talking about the expectations, there are many expectations to look forward from a spa or massage centre, but, here are a few-

  • Neat and clean interiors
  • Well organised area for separate massage and spa sessions
  • Highly professional staff who are well capable of assisting you with the massage of your choice
  • Strategic handling of the massage needs for finest healing effect and recovery
  • Restful setting for the complete relaxation of the mind and the body, too
  • Cost effective service in terms of both hospitality and client handling

Enjoy The Wonderful Massages From Vedas Spa

Massages are something that everyone would like and you might try out some of the ones that you like. Massages are known to relieve pain and would relieve the stress from the muscles. There are waste products like lactic acid and some other compounds that end up in the muscle tissues or the lymph nodes that can be properly removed only with the help of a good massage. Also, massage would help to alleviate the pain in the body and can offer to relieve you from the daily stress, both physical and mental. There must be some proper arrangement for a good Back Massage. One would surely like the wonderful massage that helps the body and the muscles to soothe. As long as you would know what to expect of a good massage, you are to get a wonderful experience.

Back Massage is one of the most forms of massage that one would come across. The back has a lot of hard-working muscles and ligaments. These muscles are very easy to strain and there might be a pain in the different areas throughout life. Back pain is one of the most common neurological ailments in the world. There are millions of people who have to perform a desk job and they would be doing the same thing every day in their life. According to statistics, about eight of every ten people would be suffering from back pain at some point in life. Therefore, the Back Massage can relieve you of this pain and give you the perfect experience. It would also help to relieve the pain, anxiety, and depression that a person might be feeling. Often our anger originates from pain and it might be a way to deal with that.

A proper Back Massage would help to alleviate the muscle spasm which would occur through the ribs and the thoracic joints. These would help to lose mobility and thus help the joints to function better. There would even be the possibility of increasing the mobility of the sacroiliac joint or the tailbone by massaging the gluteal muscles and releasing the tension in the tissues. Back Pain Massage would be providing a significant amount of relief to incidental and chronic pain. Whether the pain is due to the limited mobility of the vertebral, pelvic or the rib joints or even the compression of the nerves, a professional therapist can relieve all the pain that is caused through disease, structural dysfunction or muscle spasm.

Get the proper massage from Vedas Spa

The Vedas Spa is one of the best places to get a Back Pain Massage. you would love the wonderful care and treatment they would offer you. There are lots of different types of tissue massage and it would ensure that you get relieved of the pain and trouble that you might be having. There are lots of different types of massage that you can enjoy at the place and you would definitely love them. The Back Pain Massage is one of the specialties and you would be doing the best thing for your poor back muscles.

Enjoy Some Wonderful Massage and Calm Your Inner Self or Relieve Stress

Would you like to enjoy some Balinese Massage?

Get some amazing Foor Massage and relieve yourself

Massage is one the best things to try out these days. With the increasing levels of stress in the lives of people and the crazy schedules, massage could be one of the things to genuinely help you out. There are lots of different types of massage therapies that are available these days and you could be benefitted largely by them. The massage therapies would not only calm you down and relieve the stress on the body, it can also set the muscles straight. There are often muscle cramps that occur due to wrong postures and different other reasons. One can get some good massage therapy like a Balinese Massage from the therapists and would surely love it. Massages have been used for years and are an art that has been nearly perfected. there might be some great therapists near you who can help you out quite well.

Balinese Massage is one where the meridian of the body is manipulated through a combination of various massage techniques. There are specific techniques like Acupressure, aromatherapy massage, and reflexology that would be combined to give the perfect massage to relieve all kinds of stress. Balinese Massage is the perfect type of massage for many people and would allow the therapists to treat mental and physical problems. The patient would feel deeply rejuvenated and relaxed after the massage therapy. The therapy is intense and very effective in reaching the deep tissues and relax them. Strong acupunctural pressure would be exchanged and there would be an energetic splitting of the fat tissues. The Balinese Massage has the capacity of stimulating blood flow and the lymphatic system and would be beneficial to those who spend a lot of time before the computer.

Other than the Balinese Massage, you could also be trying out the Foot Massage. Al the various types of massage therapies are offered at the Vedas Spa by professionals who are really very good at the job. It would have a great effect on those who are suffering from plantar fasciitis and ankle injuries. The traditional Swedish and sports massage techniques would be applied by the massage therapist.The foot, the calf, and the upper leg are the areas that are treated. Anything from toe pain, plantar fasciitis, ankle pain can be relieved. It can also decrease stress and the common forms of arthritis. The massage therapist should be communicated about the pain that exists in the heel, calf or the foot and they can be healed. There are lots of benefits to a Foot Massage and you can surely be cured of your pains and troubles.

Vedas Spa would be the perfect place to receive treatments and massage

Spa treatments and massage, facials, and body treatments could be received at the Vedas Spa and you would surely love to get the things done by the most experienced people in town. Anything from Foot Massage to Deep Tissue Massage, Spot Massage or Potli Massage can be offered with great benefits.

5 Ways of Improving Your Health Using Massage Therapies

Massage therapy has been a long lived concept since early times that has not just been used for relaxation and ease but for health benefits as well. There are different types of massage therapies recognised worldwide that plays an important role in keeping up the health regimen.

In fact, several researches have also proved the benefits of involvement of massage therapies for multiple cures related to both- the body and the mind. It was mainly due to the considerable benefits gained from these massage therapies that several types of massages such as- Foot massage, Balinese Massage, Reflexology Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Sports Massage and many more forms of massage came into being.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 ways how massage has healed the bodily problems and helped cure several diseases using these therapies.

Reduces stress
All kinds of massage therapies have been found beneficial in this concern. The long term effectiveness of massage helps in reducing the stress levels taking a toll on emotional and physical benefits. With reduced and relieved stress, it automatically assists healing headaches due to tension.

Helps get better sleep
Several researches have proved the effectiveness of massage in improving sleep conditions. This works by reducing the major problems that lowers sleep such as- lower back pain, insomnia, fibromyalgia, any other pain and other troubled health conditions.

Boosts the mental health and its wellness
Research has also suggested that the symptoms of stress, tension, anxiety and depression combining to form mental health disorders have been directly affected by massage therapy. Suitable massage therapies such as- foot massage, aromatherapy massage have been found to be significantly helping boost the mental health and its wellness

Manages all sorts of pain
Pain negatively affects a person’s work-life quality and impedes his/her recovery from any illness or even injury. Research informs that massage therapies like- reflexology, sports massage, Balinese massage, back pain massage, etc. have been found well versed for lowering down lower back pain, body pain, headaches, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and many other pain conditions.

Amplifies the range of body motion
Enriching the body with higher level of flexibility, massage has been pretty helpful in amplifying the range of bodily movements. Many of the elite and recreational athletes have been benefitted from massage therapy that includes a specially defined massage therapy called sports massage, suitable for them. This massage has helped reduce the muscle tension, improvise the exercise performance and also helps in preventing the injuries, while playing or performing a sport.

How To Stay Fit And Rejuvenate Your Body, This New Year

Staying fit is a choice for all those who understand the importance of being healthy and enjoy a sound work-life balance. The New Year brings a lot of hope and gives a chance to take some New Year resolutions along with its beginning. This could be the right time to take toil to start a healthy living and start exercise or yoga for a healthy living. Enjoy a massage can also add to your resolution of staying fit and rejuvenating your body.

If you are in Chandigarh, there are multiple centres for massage in Chandigarh to enjoy such a treatment. Spa in Chandigarh also has world class facilitation for offering different kinds of massage and spa therapies for keeping your body and mind’s health, intact.

Well! Apart from massage, mentioned below is a list of things you can try to keep yourself fit and sound with the new year-

  • Move away from your digital gadgets

Overuse of technology is harmful not just for the health of your body but also for your personal life too. Take time for family and spend quality time with them staying away from your digital gadgets. This will automatically keep your body and mind relaxed and stress-free.

  • Take a resolution to leave bread, Maggie or burger as a meal

Things that contain higher calorie and saturated fats are harmful for your body. Relying on such food as a meal is definitely a healthy habit. Take a step away from this habit.

  • Take time for regular exercise

For a healthy lifestyle, exercise is one of the most important ingredients. Without the right amount of exercise and physical workout, your body and mind remains lethargic and unhealthy. Exercise also helps in removing the excess salt and burning the fat content of our body. Thus, take time for it.

  • Make a promise to give yourself more time

We tend to be so busy in our daily chores that it becomes hard for us to have a chat with our inner self. Right from the fitness dictations and schedules, you need to find time to follow your heart too.

  • Always start your day drinking lukewarm water

Drinking lukewarm water to start your day is definitely a good habit. If possible add a little honey and lemon juice to your glass of lukewarm water. This is an amazing way to start your day, rightly. Apart from helping the detoxification process of your body, it also helps in weight loss, as well.