Foot Massage in Chandigarh: Giving The Heavenly Feeling To Your Feet

After a long day of tiresome work, what could be the best relaxation desire for you?

An amazing foot massage or a full body massage fulfills the best criterion for the same!

Isn’t it?

Of course yes!

None of the other things can replace the magic you can get to feel from an ultimate foot massage in Chandigarh!

So, why not feel the heavenly world of relaxing foot massage?

Foot massage has been used as the most relaxing treatment for making your senses grove and your body relaxed. The ultimate secret resides in the reflexology process in which the foot massage works. It is known that both our foot and palm contains a set of reflex points that are directly connected to our different body parts. Giving the right massage and applied pressure on these points thus, automatically help in recharging these body parts and organs. This leads to giving a heavenly feel to the person receiving the massage.

Foot reflexology is a quite old technique that has been popularly used for rejuvenating the senses of tired and even sick people. It has also been extensively said that foot reflexology works magically for back pain, arthritis, etc. This is why, this massage therapy has been of highest popularity among the massage lovers. The amazing and pretty effective results of foot massage in Chandigarh can be easily experienced by visiting any of those professional spa or massage centres in Chandigarh. Not to forget, Vedas Spa stands amongst one of these. One can even book their session online by visiting the website and taking an appointment.

So, what keeps you waiting now?

Reflexology foot massage is also believed to treat the underlying causes of liver, kidney and heart disease. This makes foot massage an amazing way to treat some of the major health concerns and causes of troubling the health conditions of an individual. So, if you wish to enjoy the luxury of happy living, you must give a try to the reflexology massage treatment. This treatment not just makes the person feel good but, also helps them feel relaxed and agile, too.

Getting a Foot Massage in Chandigarh is definitely recommended but, one should always make sure to get the therapy from the professional experts only. Professional experts have the best hands and the best practices relative to the massage therapy they perform. They have the right idea and intent of following the massage therapies on the body of a patient or a person seeking the same. This is why; one should believe the experience behind the professional hands.

Getting a foot reflexology from a professional therapist is the best way to treat your senses and help your body feel its joy. Apart from getting such an amazing therapy, one can also try on getting several other treatments and services such as Bikini Wax in Chandigarh to enjoy your therapy.

Get a Stiff Massage with Deep Tissue Therapy – Muscle Stress Reliever

Any type of massage is focused on relieving your mind stress and muscle strain being it aromatherapy massage or deep tissue massage. The only difference is that the deep tissue massage is performed with a firm pressure activating the deepest folds of your muscles whereas the former one provides you a soothing and softening massage to tranquilize your well being.

Vedas Spa, one of the most popular Spa centers primarily aims at providing the best spa solutions to its customers. It has employed the world-class therapists who are well acquainted with the state-of-the-art massage therapies and skilled to perform their jobs consummately. Deep Tissue Massage being a sturdy massage is at times suitable for folks who yearn for an intensified body rubs. So if you are the one who wants to lighten up your muscle strain yet get a relaxing sensation, deep tissue massage is a highly recommended therapy.

Deep Tissue Massage does not only relieve you from your stress or tensions but also sabotages your leg muscle pain, back pain or elbow pain to a very high extent. The highly experienced therapists stress on those points and vanishes your pain in no time thus exposing you to the much-required comfort.

Massage is an essential therapy that each one of us must undertake in order to get ourselves divulged with our own self. That duration of massage allows us to concentrate on each of our body parts and feel good about it. You can get either of the Deep Tissue Massage or Aromatherapy Massage done as per your body requirements. However, one thing is for sure the feeling that you get after these massages in unexplainable.  You can just express it cant explain it.  When you feel lethargic, annoyed or irritated at any point of time, it is time for you to get a deep tissue massage done at Vedas Spa.

Why Has Reflexology Been An Indispensible Part In The Field Of Beauty And Health?

Healthy living is the key to staying happy and contented!

Without a soulful living that associates with good health, humans cannot stay happy and satisfied. In fact, if you do not remain in the pink of your health, none of the things around the world can woo you.

The world of beauty and health has thus, inspired the overall living and stay of the human beings.

Almost each one of us willingly wishes to stay healthy and appear beautiful!

Don’t we?

Do you know how beneficial Reflexology Massage has been towards contributing in making an individual healthy and beautiful?

If not, you must have a look!

What is Reflexology?

  • Reflexology is a kind of massage therapy that works in stimulus to the associated triggers points situated in our palm and feet.
  • It is a therapy that involves massaging of just the palm and the bottom of our feet.
  • It works on the concept that each of the trigger points located on both these places hold a reflex action on the different body parts. This is why massaging these points seem to be as good as massaging that body part.
  • Reflexology massage is also known as Foot Reflexology.

How has Reflexology contributed to health and beauty?

  • Both health and beauty are the two sides of the coin. If one goes well, the other automatically grows.
  • Reflexology massage has proved to been an amazing therapy associated with the overall wellness of the body. It makes the overall body parts feel healthy and agile.
  • In a sound body stays a sound soul. Similar goes with a body experiencing the wellness of a reflexology therapy.
  • With the body portions staying fit, they automatically trigger the wellness of beauty too. This is how the soundness of the body health is correlated to the beauty factors as well.
  • It is also said that this therapy works magically on improving the blood circulation in the body. Improved blood circulation is one of the best ways to enhance your beauty.
  • Reflexology or foot reflexology is one of the best therapies for overall relaxation of the body. It is truly said that none can compete with the beauty of a 100% relaxed body. This is why it boosts the overall beauty factors also.
  • This is why, most of the salons and spa centres offering massage therapies tend to ensure the availability of this amazing massage therapy.

Prior to going for a reflexology massage, it is very important to check if the therapist is well certified and experienced in handling the trigger points, else it may even lead to the ill effects.

Best Places To Look For Body Massage in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is known to be another fashion capital of India. Right from fashionable outfits to the fashionable aura, everything about Chandigarh leaves the people residing there awe-stroked.

Similar goes the case when it comes to looking for the Best Spa in Chandigarh or centre for body massage in Chandigarh. You can easily find places to get a body massage or spa in here but, what takes the major concern is to find the best places to look for it.

Here is a simple guide on what places to look for a suitable body massage in Chandigarh!

With the city growing on a global scale, there are number of amazing outlets for spa and Body Massage in Chandigarh. Right from a basic body massage centre to a globally recognised spa therapist, you can almost get anything you wish to find in the city.

  • Sector 8 and 9 has a number of well known places to look for a prominent massage therapy in here. But, make sure you are ready to pay for it as well as being the global names; they have their own benchmarked standards for different sessions.
  • Apart from this, Vedas Spa is an amazing spa cum body massage centre with state of the art facilities for a number of massage and relaxation therapies. The best thing about this place is the charismatic ambience and the reasonable prices they offer along with periodic offers on their services. This place is located in sector 44D.
  • Sector 35 also has a number of mid-ranged to high priced spa centres with good prices to cater to the spa and massage needs.

How Popular Massage Therapy Like Reflexology Does Takes Care Of Your Health Issues?

Body massage has been the most relaxing way to unwind your stress. Now when it comes to body massage there are various techniques but the one that over the last couple of years has caught the rage is none other than the thai massage. It is actually a combination of postures deciphered from Indian Ayurveda and yoga along with that acupressure is also amalgamated as well. Altogether this perfectly works on a body helping to replenish the body and get rid of a fatigue. Hence get some time to learn about the Thai Massage in Chandigarh and its benefits. Other than that you will also learn about reflexology massage.

What is reflexology massage?

Reflexology massage is popularly known as zone therapy which concentrates on treating the hands and feet with pressure by means of a special technique where hands, thumb or finger. It is noteworthy that the technique won’t use any kind of ointments, lotions or oil and therefore it is has been recommended in the category of treatment alternative to medicines.

Provides energy to the body:

There are times when you actually feel too low and body does respond too actively. In such a situation a reflexology massage is just a boon as it aligns the different organs and muscles by stimulating the metabolic factors of the body. And in the process helps the body to restore energy as well.

Detoxifies body:

When you talk about detoxification you have to know that body holds foreign elements and toxins which basically affect the urinary tract problems and the bladder. But the moment you resort to the best massage therapy you are fundamentally shielding your urinary system which is the key cause for getting different types of health ailments.

Thus, these are the few important points that you can follow as benefits that you can get from the Reflexology Massage.

Choosing The Best Spa in Chandigarh

A spa is a service centre where you can get spa treatments, which commonly include messages, body polish, facials and variety of other body treatments. Spas are helpful in bringing you better health and well-being. Chandigarh based Vedasspa has come with a mission to offer their best at affordable prices offering massage in Chandigarh. We will make you comfortable with your daily life. This is because when you’re working on a project, focus is more important than anything else. We have a dedicated team of experts who will make sure you go home with quality health service. We offer a variety of services including Balinese massage, thigh fusion, spot massage, deep tissue massage, polti massage, body polish, body scrub, and many more. We also offer exclusive bikini wax in Chandigarh.

Why we? Vedasspa is among the lead spas in Chandigarh. We bring you the much-desired relief, where you exhausted, tired, or irritated thus soothing your mind. When you’re under such challenging conditions, you won’t feel well at all. You badly need solitude. This will relax you a little. But when it comes to killing the stress, your body has to undergo some moderate changes, so that you could get a comprehensive relief from the condition. We are offering the best to bring you the relief. You could visit us for a Massage in Chandigarh. We are customer focused and have a dedicated team of professionals who are specially trained in the chosen field of their proven specialization. Our services would bring you the best and you’d go home and have very sound sleep and smooth life ahead.

We will also help you bring the right balance between work-relaxation. We also recommend some hints that you should follow resulting in getting the best results as for the taking care of your health so that you continue to work productively all day long. If you’re looking for the top quality Bikini wax service, Vedasspa is here. Also, our bikini wax in Chandigarh is the best – safe, and secure. We have a dedicated team of professionals trained abroad and working at our centre for many years.

Vedasspa spa is located in an easily accessible location in the city of Chandigarh. You need to give some time to yourself. That is, you need to take a break from your everyday work and get some relaxation. You consider so to get it on the weekend. We’d offer you the services that are best for you. Our massage in Chandigarh services is unmatched those offered by other firms. We, Vedasspa make sure that customer is satisfied. There is nothing more for us than customer satisfaction. Furthermore, customer satisfaction sidetracks every other objective, thus giving it the topmost priority.

You have multiple reasons why you should buy our services. Once you come to our spa, we’d reenergize your body – you would feel refreshed and would go with reinforced confidence in the workplace again. It’s not just this, now you’d happy to spend with your family well. If you’re looking for any of the services including Bikini Wax in Chandigarh, you may drop in or book an appointment with us. Visit us at Vedasspa.

Foot Reflexology – A Must Massage For Working Professionals

How does it feel to have a soothing foot massage after those long hours of being still at work or hours of standing in the kitchen? Pleasurable isn’t it? Get entitled to that heavenly feeling you have always dreamt of at Vedasspa, spa center in Chandigarh. Not only working folks but also this is recommendable for college students. High level of study pressure is being built on them that aggravate their stress levels to an extent. The students also need to distress themselves.

Aloud shout out to Working people and students there: –

Don’t let that moment go for anyone when you can pamper yourself by taking foot reflexology treatment from our trained reflexologists. With months of training, our foot reflexologists have gained the level of perfection in foot massages. Foot reflexology emphasizes pressure on certain points providing relief against stress, indigestion, menstrual pain, bronchitis ailment, asthma and many more. Not only this it also escalates your blood circulation and lowers down your blood pressure. It evades all the miseries relating to cardio and gets you a more healthy and balanced life.

Why Do You Need Foot Massage

In the hustle bustle of life, you forget that you also have a life that has to be lived not slogged. Hats off to your dedication to work from 9 to 9 in the office from Monday to Friday. But to maintain that efficiency you must undergo relaxation therapies to keep you fresh throughout the next week. Small relaxing intervals do play a vital role in each one of our lives. Foot reflexology is performed with hot essential oils pressuring your foot points allowing your muscles to loosen up and breathe. You may tell your therapist to increase or reduce the pressure as per your feasibility. With the bunch of advantages combined with relaxation process, foot reflexology proves to be a sure shot.

Equipped With Trained Foot Therapists

There are a plenty of massage centers in Chandigarh but do all of them have trained professionals? We at Vedas Spa claim to have highly trained therapists who will be happy to offer amazing foot massage with their soft hands, yet tight grip. Book your spa appointment now with Vedas Spa and allow yourself to spend some quality time by relaxing your mind and soul. A 90-minute foot reflexology does wonders if you have right reflexologists performing on your foot. We endeavor to offer an all rounder relief and happiness to our clients by giving them qualitative massages in economic prices. This way we can retain you for a longer period of time and you will only keep coming to us. We belief in developing long term relationship by guiding you which massage to take up for the kind of pain you have. Regardless, all massages offer you relaxation.

Spot Massage – A Heavenly Feeling To Go For

Tired, exhausted, irritated when you return back home from office, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? You crave for some leisure. Isn’t it? Vedasspa in Chandigarh claims to give you that leisure through its distinctive massage packages. One of them is spot massage.

Spot Massage encompasses different acupressure and deep tissue techniques that stress your points and provide deep relief. Not only do these massages act as a stress buster but evade off headache, back pain, nerve pain, muscle pain and similar ailments. Thus, providing you a far better experience. A 90 minute deep massage pressing your points and neutralizing your angst and restlessness while offering you a foolproof composure.

There is nothing as reinvigorating as getting a better massage done. Many of the spa centers claim to have earned a good reputation in the market with professional therapists. However, Vedasspa only urges you to try its techniques out and then decide its worth. Once you get the Potli Massage done at Vedasspa, you would want to come again and again. It is that highly recommended.

Stuck in your busy schedule? Book an appointment over a weekend and get stimulated for your next week workload. The objective of Vedasspa massage techniques revolves around its customer’s health. In today’s hectic time, getting free time for yourself is pretty daunting. So whatever time you manage to get in between or over a weekend, you must utilize that in nourishing yourself. You are earning well, why not pamper yourself a bit?

Located in the center of the Chandigarh, Vedasspa spa center is easily accessible to everybody in the town. The way your weekend is important to give time to your friends and family, it is similarly important to give time to yourself. Where your mind is on a workout throughout the week, your body needs relaxation during the weekend so as to get prepared for the next week’s never ending work sessions. If you want to mark a healthy balance between your personal and professional life, you cannot keep on running only. A little rest and settling back, sinking in your own thoughts, playing with yourself and living with your own self is also required.

Be at leisure with Vedasspa in Chandigarh by booking your spot massage over the weekend. Refresh yourself by undergoing that divine feeling that one would lust for. The energy you gain after getting the spot massage done, will fill happiness in your family moments as well. You will be double excited and inspirited to revel in with the moments. So what makes you wait? Hurry up and get your appointment booked for Spot Massage.

Don’t forget to spread the word and let your friends and relatives also cherish the heavenly feeling the way you did.

What Are The Herbs Used In a Potli Massage?

Potli massage has been one of the most talked massage therapies around the world, but what interests the most is the unique set of herbs amalgamated for use, in the process.

Each Ayurvedic massage therapy has its own distinguished set of customised herbs that have complete relevance to the ailment of the person, undergoing the treatment.

Similar goes with the Potli Massage.

What herbs are used for Potli Massage?

Ashwagandha is the most used herb in Potli Massage. Being 100% time tested and quantified for wellness results, this magical herb is used for relaxing the tensed muscles and reducing the body stress levels.

For the de-toxication process of the skin and body, the mustard and neem are commonly used.

For the revitalisation and purification process of the body, combination of turmeric (haldi) and ginger (adrak) herbs are mostly used.

This massage also works well with improved blood circulation and eased muscle tension with the use of rosemary and rice herbs.

Onion and Aloe Vera are the top anti-inflammatory herbs.

Potli Herbs and its Benefits

  • Ashwagandha relieves the stress levels and boosts sleep.
  • Neem and Mustard heals and helps detoxify the skin and body.
  • Ginger and Turmeric purifies the mind and body.
  • Rosemary and Rice help in easing the tensed muscles and stimulate the blood circulation.
  • Mint and Lemon soothes headaches.
  • Lemon and Orange rejuvenates the body and mind.
  • Onion and Aloe Vera reduces the soreness, pain, swelling and all sorts of inflammation.
  • Lavender and Cardamom refreshes and calms down the body and nerves.

The effects of Potli massage are functional in the treatment of several common diseases to the fullest due to effective use of the specialised herbs. Getting a Spa in Chandigarh can give you ample opportunity to explore this therapy.

The Role Of Massage Therapies in MedSpa

Do you think massage relates to just a general body massage using the essential oils and the right atmosphere to deal with then anxiety and inner tensions of a person. Well! That’s your idea with massage; you got to check this out!

Massage therapies isn’t all about body and mind relaxation with certain movements using a set of ayurvedic or essential oils but, it holds a pretty higher place in our lives and the medical history, too.

Medspa is another term that is significantly associated with the idea of a massage therapy.

Chandigarh holds some of the best places to try your hands on Massage in Chandigarh. For the effective spa treatments, you can also look for some Spa in Chandigarh that offer highly enriched spa treatment for better medical care.

Now let’s have a look at how is the concept of Medspa and Spa related!

Medspa And Its Association With Regular Spa

  1. The interrelationship between the concept of massage, spa and the medicine in the U.S. comes from long back. It holds it association since the origin of health spas and the curative waters.
  2. Massage remained an important component of the normal schedules of the people since the early days of the American health spa; however, the therapeutic touch was a part of the medical spa movement that has taken the concept of massage to a new level.
  3. A medical or medspa offers several spa services, along with their foremost medical facility. As such, a medical spa has a number of challenging and rewarding opportunities for the massage therapists working there.
  4. While early medical spas had a much more clinical approach and feel, most of the medical spas working today have adopted the best practices from the hospitality and day spa sectors and have acquired its environment for creating even more relaxing and supportive environment for the guests on board.
  5. Massage services play a very important role towards creating and maintaining a hospitality-driven experience while enjoying the benefits of the therapeutic treatment.

The Med Spa Movement

  • The Med Spa movement moved to its growth phase due to the popularity of medical spa treatments and its procedures have not just been a trend; but, a movement too.
  • It is estimated that there are over 4,200 medical spas centres functioning in the country of U.S. In fact, they are generating a total of 3.97 billion dollars on an annual basis as per the American Med Spa Association’s report.
  • Today’s medical spa is a one-stop facility that offers a range of classic spa services as well as the effective medical spa services and the associated wellness programs.

The Medspa is a complete return to a blend of traditional spa services along with the medical treatments offered by a savvy physician or a medical spa specialist. Getting such a treatment is an amazing experience to enjoy and also offer the right treatment to the body.