Foot Massage in Chandigarh: Giving The Heavenly Feeling To Your Feet

After a long day of tiresome work, what could be the best relaxation desire for you?

An amazing foot massage or a full body massage fulfills the best criterion for the same!

Isn’t it?

Of course yes!

None of the other things can replace the magic you can get to feel from an ultimate foot massage in Chandigarh!

So, why not feel the heavenly world of relaxing foot massage?

Foot massage has been used as the most relaxing treatment for making your senses grove and your body relaxed. The ultimate secret resides in the reflexology process in which the foot massage works. It is known that both our foot and palm contains a set of reflex points that are directly connected to our different body parts. Giving the right massage and applied pressure on these points thus, automatically help in recharging these body parts and organs. This leads to giving a heavenly feel to the person receiving the massage.

Foot reflexology is a quite old technique that has been popularly used for rejuvenating the senses of tired and even sick people. It has also been extensively said that foot reflexology works magically for back pain, arthritis, etc. This is why, this massage therapy has been of highest popularity among the massage lovers. The amazing and pretty effective results of foot massage in Chandigarh can be easily experienced by visiting any of those professional spa or massage centres in Chandigarh. Not to forget, Vedas Spa stands amongst one of these. One can even book their session online by visiting the website and taking an appointment.

So, what keeps you waiting now?

Reflexology foot massage is also believed to treat the underlying causes of liver, kidney and heart disease. This makes foot massage an amazing way to treat some of the major health concerns and causes of troubling the health conditions of an individual. So, if you wish to enjoy the luxury of happy living, you must give a try to the reflexology massage treatment. This treatment not just makes the person feel good but, also helps them feel relaxed and agile, too.

Getting a Foot Massage in Chandigarh is definitely recommended but, one should always make sure to get the therapy from the professional experts only. Professional experts have the best hands and the best practices relative to the massage therapy they perform. They have the right idea and intent of following the massage therapies on the body of a patient or a person seeking the same. This is why; one should believe the experience behind the professional hands.

Getting a foot reflexology from a professional therapist is the best way to treat your senses and help your body feel its joy. Apart from getting such an amazing therapy, one can also try on getting several other treatments and services such as Bikini Wax in Chandigarh to enjoy your therapy.

The Fabulous Benefits Of Reflexology Massage

If you are a person who is constantly on the go, then there is a good chance that you tend to get stressed out and exhausted every now and then. The running around puts a lot of weight on your feet on a regular basis and this is where you can truly benefit from Reflexology Massage. The benefits offered by reflexology are many and it is known to stimulate nerve function. Increase blood circulation, boost energy levels, eliminate toxins from body and induce a deep state of relaxation. Mentioned below are some of the most significant benefits of reflexology.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is an alternative treatment for various conditions and has been in practice for thousands of years. The treatment involves a reflexologist applying pressure to specific areas in the hands, feet and ears. It affects certain reflex areas in the body which adjust or manage body functions.

Benefits of reflexology

Reflexology is known to prevent migraines and stimulate the central nervous system but it also treats diseases such as depression, urinary tract infections and sleep disorders among others.

  • Improved nerve function- With age, nerve endings tend to become less responsive in various parts of the body. Reflexology is known to connect over 7,000 different nerve endings in a single session which helps increase function and reactivity. Opening up and cleaning out neural pathways helps improve flexibility and restores function to a great extent in various parts of the body.
  • Enhanced energy level- Reflexology increases metabolism and energy creation processes by aligning various organs and muscle systems. If you are feeling stressed out and sluggish, then all you need is a session with a reflexologist and you will end up feeling rejuvenated at the end of the session. You can also go in for a deep tissue Spot Massage if you are experiencing pain or tension in the neck, shoulder or back region.
  • Increased blood circulation- Increased circulation throughout the entire body is one of the well known and verified benefits of reflexology. It means that blood and oxygen can reach every cell of the body more effectively. So, it ensures that vital organs such as the brain get proper nourishment, thereby enhancing their overall function and promoting faster healing and re-growth of damaged cells.
  • Ease of pregnancy- Reflexology helps ease out pregnancy terms of labor lengths during labor and postpartum recovery time. Reflexology can also reduce postpartum depression and can facilitate healing in the woman’s body and help restore normal metabolic activity quickly.
  • Elimination of toxins- Reflexology has proven effective in improving bladder function and reducing urinary tract infection. So, it helps make for a more efficient system of eliminating toxins and foreign substances, thereby protecting the body from a number of diseases and health conditions.

Reflexology also helps reduce headaches and ease out cancer treatment. So, if you are dealing with any of the problems mentioned above, all you need is a reflexology session with a qualified reflexologist and you shall feel much better once the session is over.

A Foot Massage To Remember

Nothing is as divine as getting good foot massage with all those point-pressing techniques incorporated. The best way to unfurl after a long hectic day is to go at a nice spa center, lay back on the sofa recliner and allow your foot to breathe with calming essential oils. The foot reflexologists at Vedasspa in Chandigarh are enlightened with the foot points that provide immense relief and relaxation when pressed tactfully. We have a distinctive package of massages at our Vedas Spa center in Chandigarh to deliver the utmost comforting to our clients in all aspects.

Getting Foot reflexology is not simply a pleasure but also a necessity for those who often complain about foot and back pain. Stressing out on certain points will enable you to evade all the unnecessary foot and back pain thus providing you a sigh of relief.

Does you desktop job require you to sit for 6-8 hours?  A continuous long sitting does give way to back pain due to the pressure exercised on back. Potli Massage is one of the best massages to be considered for your back. Foot Reflexology on the other hand takes care of your feet and back both. Being it any massage, relaxation is ascertained.

Many folks think that massage is best when they go on a vacation but they fail to understand that it holds equal importance when you are working like cats and dogs. If you work and strain without rest, you tend to degrade your health and mind. Alternately, if you spare some time out for relaxation, you can experience an upsurge not only in your career but also lifestyle.

Book your appointment now with Vedasspa in Chandigarh and experience a lavish massage by our therapists dedicated solely to connect you with your own self.

The Supportive Science Behind Reflexology Massage

Reflex actions hold a special place in our lives. Right from our body parts to our inner feelings, everything actually works on the appropriate reflex actions. The same science works behind the much talked and practised reflexology massage therapy.

Reflexology massage has been one of the most practised and popular massage therapies since quite a long time. The prime reason behind the same are the amazing benefits the massage brings in with it. Foot Reflexology has been one of the most featured spa and massage therapies being offered by most of massage centres. There are a number of well certified therapists who have been offering effective reflexology massage therapies. In fact, reflexology is being well populated and offered services by both private and professional certified therapists.

Science behind reflexology massage

As already stated by the American Reflexology Certification Board, reflexology massage has been defined as being a lot more than just a massage therapy.

  • It states that it is a non-invasive, complementary practice that involves massage of the thumb and fingers of both the hands and the feet.
  • The technique applies towards applying effective level alternative pressure to the reflex points of both the hands.
  • Reflexology represents complete maps of the reflex points of the body which is located on our feet, hands and outer ears.
  • This is how applying the right pressure on these respective points works wonders on the relative body parts like- head, back and other internal organs too.
  • Reflexology Massage has been equally beneficial in curing a number of concerns related to both internal and external body parts.
  • The therapy has worked wonders on curing a number of medical world concerns related to back pain, severe migraine, etc.
  • Reflex mapping, reflexology charts consideration, tender spots and the relative deposits and treatments are well associated with the science being implemented behind reflexology massage.
  • Each of these techniques and tools are used independently or in a combined form by the therapies to perform foot reflexology.
  • This is how reflexology massage has always helped in demonstrating an improvement laid effect in improving the quality of life. It has been an amazing help for relieving the pain or other stress symptoms.

Although reflexology has been one of the most notable massage treatments worldwide, understanding the effective science behind it makes it even more effective. This therapy has worked wonders on a number of patients suffering from even chronic concerns. Around the world, the scientific effectiveness of reflexology massage has been well proved and this is the reason of its growing popularity. A number of patients suffering from extreme problems often tend to go for reflexology treatments for better results.

Surprising Benefits Of An Amazing Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology tends to be the most amazing way to treat your foot. The foot filers list of treating your foot is highly immense but, foot reflexology always has been on the top. Offering an amazing feel and substantial relaxation to the one getting such a treatment, reflexology massage is not just a massage but, it’s a therapy with amazing benefits for the entire body.

There are some of the most amazing and highly surprising results of a well treated foot or to be precise a foot reflexology. Helping the entire body rejuvenate and revitalise, this therapy helps in the overall treatment of the entire body based on just a simple foot massage.

Surprising Benefits of Reflexology Massage

  • Promoting Better Sleep

A relaxed mind and body automatically attracts better sleep. Similar goes with the foot massage. It offers an overall relaxation and soothes the entire body and mind by reducing the stress level, calming the nerves and preparing the body for a better sleep.

  • Reduces the Depression and Anxiety Levels

Foot reflexology has been an amazing way to lower down the depression and anxiety levels. Research has shown noticeably reduced anxiety among cancer patients using a Reflexology Massage as per the research published during 2010 Karolinska Institute’s study, under the Journal of Clinical Nursing. A good foot massage helps in alleviating the sadness by production of a feel good hormone- Oxytocin.

  • Promoting Better Blood Circulation

With our feet handling the entire body’s pressure all day and staying involved in heavy works, it highly becomes important to take care of them. In absence of much exercise, apart from the daily walks, it also need a bit of massage, too. Foot reflexology thus, benefits our foot and in turn the entire body by helping improves the better blood circulation levels. This increases the blood flow and supports the process of transporting oxygen to the entire body cells.

  • Relives a Number of Aches, Pains and Even Severe Headache

Foot reflexology not just helps in improving the foot health but, also has the power to increase the body’s wellness in terms of reduced pains and aches through the body. With the certain pressure points getting massage on the feet, several ailments such as- headaches, neck pain, migraines, back pain, insomnia, chronic fatigue and other body pain gets dissolved. Studies have shown that foot reflexology has reduced the headache symptoms in around 65% of patients, along with 16% of patients suffering from migraine and headache pain.

  • Improved Sex Life

Foot Reflexology is an amazing way to relaxation, but it has also shown surprising results in case of sex life. It is said to offer an unexpected boost in the libido levels. Reflexology massage is thus, a major contributor to creating relaxation, sensuality and energetic results in the reproductive organs.

  • Lowers the Menopausal and PMS Symptoms

PMS and menopause is a major cause of symptoms of depression, headache, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, instability, and mood swings. All these can be lowered with a valid foot massage.